Nexus Veterinary Continuing Education

Nexus Veterinary CE Expands to Support Chinese Online Continuing Education

Nexus Veterinary CE is proud to announce our exciting expansion to China! Recently, we have received certification from the Chinese Veterinary Medicine Association in Beijing to offer Continuing Education courses in the Peoples Republic of China.

For those who have just heard about Nexus Veterinary CE for the first time, we are thrilled to meet you! Nexus Veterinary CE was founded by Dr. Brian Beale, ACVS Founding Fellow and co-author of Small Animal Arthroscopy, to build a hub of excellence in the three pillars of excellence in Specialty Medicine: Veterinary Education, Research and Clinical Care. After decades of building large multi-specialty hospitals in the US and teaching Veterinarians around the world, Dr. Beale has formed a team of world-renowned Specialists to build multispecialty hospitals with a core focus in Research, Education and providing the best possible level of Clinical Care. In addition to building hospitals, we have now launched the Nexus Veterinary CE network, which will feature a hands-on Continuing Education center in many of our hospitals. We are excited to reveal that we are now expanding the our world class education experience to Veterinarians in China.

Soon we will launch a series of online courses that we are certain will be highly educational for our Veterinary colleagues in China.  Small group dry lab training events in Shanghai will be offered before the Chinese New Year. In the spring of 2022, Dr. Brian Beale and Nexus Veterinary CE expert team will once again be in Shanghai to provide hands-on training with Dr. Beale and others from our team of Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons.  Nexus Shanghai branch will keep bridging elite international Veterinary resources for local Veterinary Communities in Mainland China.

Nexus Veterinary CE is also in the process of establishing our first Referral Surgical Specialty Hospital in China.    Like we have done in America, our goal is to support local Veterinarians and provide state of the art surgical care to their client’s pets. We will be a referral only hospital that will only focus on Orthopedic surgical services not offered by Small Animal General Practice.

We sincerely welcome all interested contributors to join our mission in bringing world-class Referral Medicine, Clinical Research and Hands-On Continuing Education to the People’s Republic of China.

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